Many people come to this earth without knowing why and what they are here for. Only a few find their purpose. Most people choose different paths, depending on circumstances. They are forced to make decisions depending on convenience. Only a few choose the right path.

‘PATH’ is a movie creatively based on real life events that brings out the importance of decision making in our life. Movie has action, drama and romance that depicts the minds of various people going through very different scenarios in life. Story begins with the lives of two gangsters Robby and Jim whose fierce battle for power and money leads them to their destiny. Movie explicitly depicts the mind of a person who can take advantage of innocent lives. Well reflected from the life of Lisa who runs a prostitution network. In the middle of these entangled lives is George who in his spiritual conquest want to bring people to the path of peace and love. He influences Mona who was undergoing trauma in her marriage to seek a path of peace. She finds joy in herself and the movie ends with her union with Robby.

Director and script writer Anuradha Das had her own inspiring life story ‘A Rising Eagle’ directed by Award Winning Director Tamia Dow (of Triple 8 Spirit Productions, Las Vegas, Nevada USA ), premiered  on the 6th of February 2021 at The Galaxy Theater Boulevard Mall located 3328 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada USA. She is a motivational speaker and you can connect with her in Insta @onlyonepreciouslife  @psanuradha

Anuradha Das is an established Life Coach and Motivational Speaker with an experience of over 15 years in the field of counseling and empowerment.  Her scripts are inspired from real life events and it inspires the viewers to know their worth and potential to come out of any situation in life. She hails from Orissa in India and settled in Gurgaon, near the Capital Delhi. She has been in the field of social work and philanthorpy for more than 15 years. Anuradha always things of creating dynamic ways to reach the socitey in need. Her focus is to reach out to people with suicidal tendency and depression.

‘Path’ is done by her movie production company ‘A Rising Eagle Production House’ along with ‘Action Shot Productions’. Anuradha had her own inspiring life story ‘A Rising Eagle’ directed by Award Winning Director Tamia Dow of Triple 8 Spirit Productions, Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

The filming will be in June and release by September 2023.

Lead Actors:

American Actor Paul Gunn.  He is an actor and producer, known for Attack of the Unknown (2020), Art of the Dead (2019) and Interstellar Civil War: Shadows of the Empire (2017): IMDb

Jo Ann (Jean Heathen)  : IMDb

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