‘A Rising Eagle’ Movie


‘A Rising Eagle’ movie – Inspiring true story of globally influential world changer- Anuradha Das


A Rising Eagle – The Story Of A Middle Eastern Indian Woman Who Overcame Obstacles To Become A Globally Influential World Changer

This drama is creatively based on the story of Anuradha Das a young girl from Orissa, India who had to face many unpredictable life challenges and went on to accomplish amazing victories. Rescued from death at a tender age, she overcame depression, suicide attempts, heartbreaking losses, and two divorces, to become a motivational speaker, life coach, and television personality with worldwide influence. Her story is changing lives wherever she goes.

Anuradha in her own words speaks about her experience. “It’s in the year 2019 I was planning to write a book on my experience with rejection from birth and multiple times of rejection in relationships which led me to attempt suicide at the age of 19. This was not the end; all these were followed by business failure, marriage failure, and more. I was contemplating writing a book and that is the time I met a friend who suggested me to write my script and sell it to a movie maker. So along with my producer friend, I wrote a small story to sell. A few months later I met Director Tamia Dow, who believed in the project and she was willing to help me to see my dream come true. Her first words were ” your life has so many twists and turns we actually can produce a blockbuster”! That was like God speaking to me. We planned to meet in India, I started to prepare a team but the pandemic hit the world and the project came to a standstill. By September I knew we can’t delay this story anymore. Someone out there struggling needs to hear the message that no matter what you go through in life, suicide is never the solution. You can try again. There will be someone who will love you the way you are “. This thought started to wake me up and push me forward. So I traveled to the USA and Director Tamia Dow, jumped in with her team to help me. With God’s help, we got every help possible to film an Indian story in the USA. We believe this is going to give hope to many to – “Try Again” and “never give up”

A Rising Eagle “ is directed by Award-Winning Director Tamia Dow (of Triple 8 Spirit Productions, Las Vegas, Nevada USA ) along with Director of Photography Stephen Cibo (Action Shot Productions, Las Vegas, Nevada USA ) Cast and Crew are Tonya Todd, Merriah Clark, Tamia Dow, Jamar King, Victoria King, Stephen Cibo, Dalton Hayes, Romi Jay, Simrat Bagga, Torres German, Kyle Alexander.

The vision that Anuradha carries is evident in her message through this movie. She wants to make this world a better place to live by bringing healing to the areas where people are struggling. She is using her pain for a purpose. Her approach is based on faith, hope, and love. She has helped people to come out of drug addiction, depression, health issues, emotional issues, professional and personal challenges.

A Rising Eagle will premiered on the 6th of February 2021 at The Galaxy Theater Boulevard Mall located 3328 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada USA.